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About company


The accounting company "Consulting Bureau «K&T» has only highly qualified specialists who will provide your organization with professional accounting services, bookkeeping restoration, personnel records, tax records. Our specialists will support your business on all stages of its development according to your needs. And here are the reasons to trust us.


Our Company has been working in the market of accounting services since 2004. We have good reputation in all fiscal authorities. We know everything about business in the retail and wholesale trade, about providing services for organizations and the population, about the production of various goods. You will be able to work with highly qualified professionals; who are constantly improving their skills. We have no fired employees.


Even if you don’t have a very big company and you need to sign an important contract you can always tell that you have 10 employees only in the department of accounting. Sounds respectably, right?
This is not just a joke! Once such situation has happened with one of our clients, and now he is a successful businessman!


None of the documents and no internal information will ever leak out from our office. We provide complete confidentiality. Our clients trust us. All tax returns are on time. By the way our business is insured. So we take full responsibility and in case of unforeseen circumstances compensate all the losses.

Individual approach

Every client chooses his own tariff for services. We can also create a special tariff for your company if any of the ones we have doesn’t fit you. We will help to choose the best tax system and we organize all paperwork. Also we can show you how to pay less tax and increase your profit. We are interested in the development of your business because without it we won’t develop too.


According to the agreement we provide access to the accounting database. So the customer can get complete information from anywhere in the world. We are always in touch. Any employee of our company will answer your questions and help to find solution to your problems.

Our clients are the small businesses operating in the sphere of IT-services, public services, trade, transport, production, building, export and import operations, etc. And working with us you have good chances to find some useful contacts and even business partners.