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Keeping small business is as serious as keeping the large one. And it has no fewer problems.
The main goal of our company is to provide you more free time to solve global issues of your business. Without fear you can entrust us your accounting services and tax law issues.
Your business is in good hands of professionals - chief accountants, economists, lawyers and auditors. You can rely on us. We will not let you down.

Consulting Bureau "K&T" offers full range of services for small business in Belarus. We provide such services as: office management, personnel records, accounting, tax calculation to optimize economic activity and tax policy of the company. Partnership with “K&T” gives you several advantages.

Reduction of the degree of responsibility.
Liability for taxes and the correctness of all calculations is not the director and chief accountant duty. It’s responsibility of "Consulting Bureau «K&T».

Costs reduction.
If you want to hire an additional staff you need to prepare more space in an office, buy office equipment and other accessories, software, and also you have to pay taxes from salaries of your employees. Using our services you will save at least 50% of all costs.

100% guarantee on our services.
Our business is insured. So we take full responsibility and in case of unforeseen circumstances compensate all the losses.

More time to grow your business.
While we deal with your accounting you have more time to solve global issues of your business. You can entrust your accounting services, tax law issues to our chief accountants.